I have always been fascinated with clouds. My favorite Disney movie is Aladdin, so when Aladdin + Jasmine are on their magic carpet ride + flying among the clouds, there has always been a part of me that wished that were a real possibility. I mean, who doesn’t want to be flying through the air with the person they love getting to experience amazing sights + singing an awesome song while you’re at it?!

The closest I’ve ever come to a magic carpet ride type view of the clouds is when I fly; it’s one of the reasons I enjoy flying so much. I try my hardest to always have a window seat so I can always have an up close and personal view of the clouds. They are beautiful. They have a simplicity to them that draws my attention + captures my gaze.

Being among the clouds brings my mind to a place of rest + awe as I think about the time God took to create them — these white, sometimes fluffy, sometimes thin + whispy, gas formations — He created them to serve a purpose; they provide shade; they are a part of the scientific method; they fill with water when the earth needs replenishing; they add beauty; they are an intricate part of God’s overall masterpiece.

I have a fascination with clouds because they are delicate, yet strong; they are simple; yet complex; they are beautiful, yet sometimes “flawed”; they are important to God, yet play a bigger role than just being a cloud; clouds are like you + me.

I think about my fascination with the clouds + I think about how God’s fascination with me is 100x that. I think about how the creation of the clouds was God just getting started + His creation of me was His grand finale. I think about how God saw His creation + said that it was good, but then He saw His creation of me + said it was very good. I think about how I feel at rest + in awe when I look at the clouds + then I think how God longs for me to experience those feelings, tenfold, in my relationship with Him.

I think about the magic carpet ride my 6 year old self always wanted to go on, singing “A Whole New World” along the way + I think about how walking with God and hearing the song He is singing over me is a grander adventure than any Disney movie could portray.

My fascination with clouds comes from a deeper fascination with God; we were designed to be in relationship with our Creator + He is good enough to use His creation + His people to always bring us back to a place of getting back to the basics, back to the root of who we are, + what makes our heart beat; it’s Him.

When I look at the clouds, I know God is looking back at me.

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2 thoughts on “Clouds.”

  1. Never looked at clouds that way, but thank you for helping me see your way. I am enlightened. I like your perspective. Sometimes
    I look at clouds and think of my loved ones who have left me. I pray they are in heaven looking down on me.❤️🙏


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