It’s a funny thing when The Lord lays something on your heart.  Just like with anything in life, we have the choice to say “yes” or “no” – to pursue something or choose to let that particular opportunity pass us by because we don’t see it fitting into our current life situation. 

Being a planner and a “To-Do” List lover, there have been many things I have not pursued or I let pass me by because I don’t think that it will fit into my current life situation and God, being the gracious and loving God that He is, lets me sit in the control seat for a little while.  But then, those opportunities, that He laid on my heart, that I decided to pass up, He brings them back to the surface. He places them back on the table of my heart and, in His still small voice, asks me to take a second look. 

The idea of starting a blog has been placed on the table of my heart not once, twice, or even three times – this has been a 5 year journey where God has been graciously giving me the space to process His word — process how a blog is going to fit into the life of a Girls High School Minister who already has a full plate or how another blog, in a sea of blogs on social media, would say anything new? God has also been lovingly walking me through the insecurities and the fears that come with starting any new venture, especially one where others get a front row seat – the fear of stepping out, the fear of others’ opinions, the fear of zero readers, the fear of comparison, the fear of failure. 

But, God being who He is, He is relentless in the best way, and as each question arose in the process, He answered it; as each fear arose, He silenced it.  He was God and He showed up and, in His time, He showed me that this opportunity had become a holy charge and something that He was lovingly commissioning me to step into – no matter the outcome, no matter the feedback, it was a simple ask from my heavenly Father to trust Him – to trust what He laid on my heart and then stand back and watch Him do His work. 

What started out as a 5 year wrestling match with God, now stands as a season that opened my eyes to the simplicity that can come when we trust the things He lays on our heart.  It’s not simplicity in the sense that it is free of difficulty, wrestling is frustrating and exhausting. But it’s after seeing the difficulty that comes when we try to sit in the control seat, we see the simplicity in making a choice to trust the heart of God and believing that everything He ushers us into is for our good and He is doing His best work, we just have to say the simple “yes”. 

So, this is my simple “yes”. This is me trusting the heart of God and believing that as He ushers me into this new adventure, He is using it for my good and that He is doing His best work. What a precious gift to be a part of what God is doing. 

I would love for you to join me on this journey – this journey of seeing Jesus in the simple, every day moments. After all, Jesus is the moment; He simply is. 

19 thoughts on “Simply.”

  1. I love your simple “yes”! I am excited to see how the Lord is going to use this space to bring people to Him, and excited to see you grow in the process!! I am praying for you continually as you step into this more!

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  2. Thank you for your words today! These were words I needed to hear because God is calling me to a better balance in my life to be more useful for His purposes! Your words are an encouragement !


  3. I could not think of a better person for God to call to write a blog for Him. He has prepared you for this moment and He will continue to walk this journey with you. I have no doubt He will give you the words that we need to hear! 🙌🏻🙏🏼 Love you as big as the sky!! ❤️


  4. Oh ScottiBeth, I am so excited to see what and where the Holy Spirit leads you! How exciting that now is the time for what God has placed on your heart to share His love with so many!


  5. Your simple yes will encourage so many to take the step into their simple yeses. You have a gift and I love seeing you use it for the kingdom! Lead on friend!


  6. Most of the time we make everything we do with Jesus and for Jesus such an arduous undertaking. This fresh breath of wisdom from you in breaking it all down to “Simply” follow and “Simply” be His and watch for opportunities to act like His and love like Him are just what I am looking for this year 2019 as I desire true intimacy with my Father. I pray for a burning desire to yearn for His presence on a daily basis and to be freed from trying so hard to “check all the boxes” as a Christian, even though I know so much better! I want to be so overtly and passionately in love with Jesus that Satan cannot stand to be around me, but others notice and are affected for Him. Thank you, my darling daughter, for taking this leap of Faith……and for the absolute blessing of calling you mine♥️


  7. Yes! Yes! Yes!

    Love this and your “yes” to God! Come Holy Spirit, Come! Love the reminder that He comes to us in the everyday – something He has been speaking to me the last few days. God speaking to Moses through the burning bush while he was tending his sheep, Jesus meeting the woman at the well while she was doing her daily task of drawing water, Jesus calling the disciples as they are doing their everyday jobs. 💜 Awesome to see Him speaking the same thing through you and your “Yes”! Love you!!!!


  8. You’re so brave & courageous & God knows that. Your words of encouragement are like being able to reach out & touch God. Thank you for being obedient & showing how God can work through each of us just by saying “yes”. You’re a blessing Scottibeth!

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  9. Scotti Beth , I love your answer to being a follower, just simply do it. Many times in my life I’ve had to “simply just trust” without question because that’s all there was to do if you are God’s! Having God reenforce that message thru you is awesome. Thank you for listening and following thru! Love you dearly!

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